SILPAC Colloquium

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Workshops & Conferences

  1. Working with corpora (1 April 2022, University of Mannheim)

  2. Tolerance principle workshop (7–8 April 2022, University of Stuttgart)

  3. Python workshop (30 June–1 July 2022, University of Mannheim)

  4. R Bootcamp (24–28 October 2022, University of Mannheim)

  5. Event structure in contact (12 April 2024, University of Mannheim)

  6. Diachronic Generative Syntax (DiGS 25) (25–30 June 2024, University of Mannheim)


  1. Tara Struik: Information Structure triggers for word order variation and change: the OV/VO alternation in the West-Germanic languages (31 March 2022, University of Mannheim) [Slides (PDF)]
  2. Charles Yang: A Decision Procedure (31 March 2022, University of Mannheim)
  3. Charles Yang: A Discovery Procedure (7 April 2022, University of Stuttgart)
  4. AilĂ­s Cournane (New York University): Exploring the role of first language acquisition in language change phenomena (15 September 2022)
  5. Elly van Gelderen (Arizona State University): Language acquisition and language change (22 September 2022)
  6. Michelle Troberg (University of Toronto Mississauga): Result and Motion in Medieval French: Changes in the structure of the input? (29 September 2022)
  7. Hendrik de Smet & Marie-Anne Markey (KU Leuven): Cruising, off-roading but no parking (6 October 2022)
  8. Eva Zehentner (University of Zurich): PP-constructions in the history of English: Categorisation and competition (13 October 2022)
  9. Robert Hartsuiker (Ghent University): Cross-linguistic structural priming: the role of word order (3 November 2022)
  10. Gerrit Jan Kootstra (Radboud University Nijmegen): Cross-language structural priming as a mechanism of language contact: short-term and long-term effects (10 November 2022)
  11. Barbara Schirakowski (FU Berlin): Event structure in language contact: Manner, result and French-English bilingualism (18 January 2024)
  12. Yung Han Khoe (Radboud University): Bilingual syntax as error-based implicit learning (25 January 2024)
  13. Christoph Scheepers (University of Glasgow): Syntactic Priming of Relative-Clause Attachments: Implications for the Mental Representation of Syntax (15 February 2024)